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This is a blog for a Homestuck AU by Schim.

This blog contains adult language and subjects in the text. There is no explicit detail, but subjects do come up.

Anything that is more explicit, like a fic or fanart, will be put under a READ MORE tag with proper warning.
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I can’t keep up with Unistuck. It’s too big and I have too much going on. Aside from the recent deaths in the family and the family problems that followed, I am focusing a majority of my attention on school, work, and my relationship.

So there are a few options I have here with Unistuck. The main two being I could close down Unistuck or I could hand it over to someone else.

Now before everyone gets all excited over the possibility of inheriting Unistuck, keep in mind I’m not going to give it to just anyone who offers. You could be the kindest and most dedicated person in the world, but if you don’t have a knack for the writing style of Unistuck, then you won’t cut it.

Also, before people start offering, please realize I haven’t made it official that I am giving up Unistuck. I have to decide first that would be the best option. If I can be convinced that it would be a good idea, then I will open up applications for people. Until then ALL OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED.

What would you like to see happen with Unistuck?

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28 01.24.12

Anonymous submitted: is unistuck still a thing that is happening? or is it on hiatus/permanently over?(oh geez i hope its not permanently over! D:)

It is on hiatus until further notice.


A day in the life of Unistuck Vriska.

This is bullshit. It’s Halloween and all, yeah, but fucking stiffing me is not a cute “trick”.

Assholes. I hope you get diarrhea.

All the diarrhea.

All of it.

9 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Tavros.

Oh wow, um, that’s a really, really revealing outfit Eridan has on. I mean, really. It’s not very, um, family friendly. But I don’t think French maids ever are.

When I said I would take him to the Halloween party after trick or treaters, I didn’t think he’d want to hang out with me and Gamzee until then.



Or sit on me like that.

I wish Vriska wasn’t working tonight.

23 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Eridan.

Damn I look fuckin good.

18 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Dave.

Took some convincing, but got Karkat to go as “Sir Douchealot” with a spare set of shades.

It’s all sorts of adorable up in here, get the fucking camera, we’re gonna need a whole roll for this cutie parade.

25 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Karkat.


25 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck John.

Dave and I are going as Karkat for Halloween.

And Karkat’s going as buttmad.


51 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Aradia.

I added a bit of my own flair to him, but Equius makes the perfect Baron Samedi. 

Halloween is always the last thing on my mind. I didn’t want to be lazy and go as a scientist again. Kanaya was sweet enough to help me coordinate a quick Amelia Earhart. She’s such a sweetie. I owe her a girl date for that one. Poor girl overworks herself every year.

We’re all going to have so much fun!

13 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Equius.

Under much internal dispute, I did not put my set of digigrade leg extensions to use. I am up to three pairs now, each of a different design. The welding was complete weeks ago, but without the aid of Kanaya’s expert sewing skills, they are something of a useless thing.

I had the idea of instead of an average knight in armor, but an equine in armor. This would have been a possibility, as I have some spare parts perfect for the job, it is far too intricate a thing to do.

There is little desire within me to put much effort into my costume. The memories make my heart hurt and that is something I would like to avoid.

I allowed Aradia to choose my costume.

She painted my face in the most vibrant of patterns. I am unfamiliar with this style of design, but it is indeed a good choice.

Everything she chooses is perfection.

20 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Nepeta.

Any excuse to dress up is purrrfect.

It wasn’t easy picking a costume this year. I narrowed it down to Princess Mononoke or Kiki. I went with Kiki because she is super cute! Not to mention super easy to cosplay. Kanaya even made me a little Jiji to go with it!

Dressing up for Halloween is a lot more fun when you have someone to match with though…

27 10.31.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Gamzee.

Time to get motherfuckin scary up in this bitch.

17 10.31.11

mayorformerinterndana submitted: Er, does the dean of AHU have a name? Because, if not, I might have a suggestion

As of now, no.


A day in the life of Unistuck Jade.

Crowdsurfing is pretty great!

Any busy hands just mean I get busy fists.

18 10.14.11

A day in the life of Unistuck Vriska.

A phone number is not an acceptable form of payment.

I can’t pay my bills with a phone number. I can’t buy a bottle of Jack with a phone number. I can’t do shit with a phone number.

Unless your dick literally comes money, this has no value to me.

Though if I can convince Equius that someone gave this to Aradia, this could be fucking priceless.

Then maybe the douchebag will learn to tip his waitresses real fucking money.

21 10.10.11